Marathon training on a treadmill?!?!


I made the commitment to do my first marathon in May at the and I am really nervous. I am a wife, mom, fulltime teacher, and taking 6 credits of graduate school this spring, and I signed up to run 26.2 miles at one shot. What am I thinking?!?! So, I recruited my husband, and my Twitter/ friend, Tiffany, to give me support and a training plan! The plan started today.

Today. My first run (with a marathon goal). And, it is -6 outside…before windchill. This is crazy! So, I start my training on the treadmill. Now, I have done many runs on the treadmill, even trained for my first half marathon on the treadmill, but today I struggled. Seriously, 2 miles, and I had to get the mind over matter mentality in full gear. Why is 2 miles on the treadmill so difficult when 13 outside is fun?!

Listen, treadmill. I will win. I will conquer your boredom. I have a tv, music, dogs, and a child for entertainment! I made my little two mile run. It was at a pace that I usually don’t keep on the treadmill, but have kept outside. It seemed tough, but I won out! Take that! 🙂

Tomorrow, like today, school is cancelled, because it is going to be colder than today. I have no plans to go outside. The basement has transformed into a workout area, with my 2014 goals posted on the wall. I can do this! I will do this!

How do you survive on the treadmill?
How do you train in frigid temps?


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