Wow. What a weekend.
Friday was Career Day at work. It was a great success (from my vantage point). So many visitors sharing about their professions. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and everyone seemed to learn a lot, adults included.

I cried.

Saturday I ran a 9 mile trail run through icy and snowy terain. It was cold. I ran with newer friends and we really had a good time.

Meanwhile,  in Florida, my friend from high school was running the first part of the Glass Slipper Challenge, a challenge I participated in last year.

Today, was the Princess Half Marathon (Part two of the Glass Slipper Challenge). My friend Tammy Alexander signed up to run this with me last year, but couldn’t.  Cancer was attacking her bones and it was just too painful to travel. I am having an emotional day, thinking about her. Lots of tears.
The school district chose two pictures from our Career Day to put on their home page…both were people I met after Tammy’s death, in an effort to raise Lung Cancer Awareness.  I cried when I saw it.
Too many coincidences. What does God want me to do? What is He trying to say?
I am not good with His subtle messages.
I miss her.

Sorry for the disorganized post. I was hopeful that the rambling would help me…

Next year, I hope to go back to the Princess Half, and run with one Tammy to honor another. #R42


2 thoughts on “Princess…”

  1. I hope the writing did help on some level, even if it isn’t readily apparent to you. I’m touched by how you honor your friend’s legacy. That is an enduring love, that will continue to reverberate. Sending ripples, changing lives.

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