“The good Lord …

“The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It’s your mind you have to convince.” – Vince Lombardi

2013: Year in Review…Running Edition

Just to be clear, this is my very first blog post, of my very first blog (people don’t blog-hop, do they?), so please be nice. 🙂

I started 2013, worried about a nagging injury in my Achilles. I wanted to only run on the treadmill, for fear that I would head outside and get hurt and be stuck out there in the snow. Mind over matter is a constant struggle with me, and I seem to be doing ok with it most of the time. I ran more in 2013 than I have ever before and plan to top it in 2014!

Where would I be without the inspiration of RunThisYear?  Found Running Hutch (www.runninghutch.com) and Pavement Runner (www.pavementrunner.com) through the Runners World RunStreak Challenge, and Twitter (which I found through church, another story) and never looked back.

So, goals have been the theme of my 2013.  Did I really think I would get to 2,013 miles? No, but it was a goal.  I switched it to Kilometers, and probably still won’t make that goal.  I have, however, run more this year than any year in my life!  I am over 1,100 miles with less than a week to go, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself!

Running community makes it so much easier.  I found #RunChat.  I found several amazing runners in my area, and those in Cali who can see my pics of snowy trail runs! I ran races in Hawaii, Wisconsin, and Illinois (yeah, not too much variety…working on that!) I found my local run club and have made MANY new friends there as well!

I could list my races (maybe I should…it would probably shock me how many I ran!), my PR’s (again…so much improvement) or my inspiration (www.myteamlunglove.com). But all of those accomplishments lead me to new goals, which is what keeps me ticking!

I love running. I love to share running with my friends and family.  I love the beauty of the trails, snow-covered or ocean side. I love the adventures that await me every time I lace up. Thank you to those who have inspired me in 2013 to be a stronger person, and I look forward to continuing to be inspired by you, and share your words/inspiration with others!

Here’s to a strong finish!!